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  • Are there still questions that haven’t been asked?

    May 10th, 2010 by Mike Bryant

    Of course there are questions that haven’t been asked.  A few months ago you would not have asked, “Should I get an iPad?”   What I guarantee is that there’s at least one forum out there now dedicated to that very iPad question.  Forums are wonderful at times and a huge time suck at others.  Tonight, more of a time suck, but I did find an answer.  WP-Audio Player is broken, at least the latest version is having some problems.  Don’t know what WP-Audio Player is, no worries it just allows you to easily put audio into a blog post or page on your site; a quick way to podcast.

    What a forum is great for, at least in my experience, is confirming whether or not you’re an idiot.   This may not be your take, but it’s how I feel sometimes.  It’s sort-of like having your car die on the freeway.  You look and look for the problem, opening the hood to see if the engine is still there (no idea what I’m looking for when I do this; a sign that says wiggle me and I’ll start for you), then calling triple-A only to have the guy say you’re out of gas when he gets there.   Just click the “enable plugin” button and it’ll work…idiot.  All in all it’s a learning experience and I’ve gotten faster at filtering bad threads, but is this a skill everyone should have?

    My dad taught me how to use just about every tool on the planet, passing down things he learned from his father and so on.  I still call my dad when projects around the house require a power-tool, but I don’t call him when I need advice on a web2.0 tool.  I go to another set of father (mothers on there to) figures, the forums.   I don’t want to candy coat this, most forums aren’t full of fatherly/motherly figures ready to kindly impart knowledge on their virtual sons/daughters, but there are kind/helpful people willing to give some free advice.  Through the use of forums I’ve customized content management systems, deployed learning management systems and tailored my blogs. All for free.

    I’m Mike and this is what I like.  Forums.

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